10 Ways To Improve Your Photography Without Buying Gear

November 7, 2009

I know for most new armature and inspired photographers feel that starting photography, weather it be for a hobby or taking quick pics of the kids playing soccer, or even for school requirement, may be a bit overwhelming with all the latest gear and lenses. Its too much to soak in. I know for me, it was insane with the prices for the gear I wanted to have. Over time I have been able to afford and get the gear I really need for my specific interest.
I found this article and photo posted by Scott Bourne on Photo Focus to be very informative and encouraging to know that we as photographers can’t have complete control over everything, although we try. This image illustrate that you can be creative with the gear you may have. Its not in the lens or camera’s new features that make an image, we may think so, but some times we need to consider thinking outside the box. My favorite suggestion on his list is number six. Very true even in myself. Two years have passed since I started with my Commercial Photography Program and I take better and more consistent pictures than I ever have, even as far back when I first pick up my dad’s Canon AE-1 Program camera back in 1997.
I find myself working harder just trying to get sharper with my shooting and to me that’s what is all about… keep shooting, evolve your style and principles.


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