A Night With Steve McCurry & Parish Kohanim

November 7, 2009

Gustavo Romero and I taking a photo with the great Parish Kohanim in front of his latest work. WOW!!! What a special treat and opportunity to get a chance to site and listen to these two amazing photographers and artist. (I have video of some of their responses to questions asked by the audience underway). I had a chance to really meet a legend. I’ve been seeing and reading Steve McCurry’s work all my life through National Geographic. The magazine that not only has inspired me to be a great photographer but perhaps one day work side by side with. I got a chance to ask them both a question. I first asked Steve McCurryabout when he travels to dangerous parts of the world like Kuwait, Afghanistan, and even Colombia, a country that I’d love to visit, if he travels alone to cover dangerous assignments? His respond was in most cases he does not. He is usually accompanied by a translator. When he arrives to many of these countries he lets a government official of some kind know why he is there and they provide him with guides and translators. Parish also responded to that question by adding that “we” the photographers, should thank the men and women that travel along side helping and assuring that these images and stories get to the rest of the world. In conclusion, I couldn’t agree more.


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