Has Film Photography Become A Thing Of The Past?

November 7, 2009

“Due to the advancement of digital photography and image distribution methodology, we are now obsolete.” A phenomena that started in the turn of the century has now caught up very quickly. An amazing landscape photographer writes a brief realization on “Film Is Dead. No Really!” Wow I’m glad that E-6 of Atlanta stays busy enough to possibly keep some film around. Unfortunately not for Jim M. Goldstein.

The question should be more like..’Do YOU still use film cameras?’ Just go walk into a photography store.. chances are that they no longer carry film cameras unless is a specialty store that may still stock film gear and products. Majority of us would not even come close to consider to buy one. Why is that…We are very much living in the future of technology and, with that, things need to evolve and become simpler for the mass.

If you look in my camera closet you would find pretty much this set up I found online for sale. Apparently people are ridding of this older but effective set of equipment. Sadly but true. I find distancing myself from this type of gear simply because its additional expenses of Film which then brings me to another point…Is Film Dead? Funny I too have tons of film in my refrigerator including some rare Film know to man. But thats for another day.


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