What A Day…

November 7, 2009

After parting last night at a fun & crazzzzy Halloween party… which I had to keep it within the limit, because for today… Saturday Oct.31st, I shot video continuously for three hours whileJairo Romero shot stills. I needed to stay focus & not worry about having a hangover and wanting to sleep all day. I am very excited for this opportunity for it will be my first paid job since thePortfolio Show. It will also be my first Multi-Media paid project. Funny how that works. I figured I would get hired for portraits or something else but I guess with the huge explosion for Multi-Media, everyone wants to have one to represent them. Well,X3Sports asked me about video capability and I said no problem! And so they hired me to work side-by-side with them to create aPromotional video to attract new Sponsors and big name fighters like Wanderlei Silva to support there huge demand for Mixed Martial ArtsBoxing, and Personal Training in there two growing locations. All this week I will be working at both locations getting video and stills of their facility to demonstrate what they can offer their new clients. Well wish me luck I will be staying busy for a goood long minute.


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