Is Watermarking Important To You?

November 11, 2009

Its been busy for me lately, photographing Professional MMA fighters training and fighting, that made me realize how important the issue for protecting my images has become. As I’m getting very close to be fully operating with my business where I’m starting to get sales request, I want the viewers to start recognizing my logo with my work. Now I don’t have any problem that my photos get posted on Facebook or other profile type sites, I’m all about sharing them. I just want the credit for my images and to me its about marketing my business through my photos.
I researched more about this matter only because there’s mix feelings in my class about watermarking photos. I personally like having watermarks and seeing others do the same. The only concern for me is that the watermark doesn’t look to busy and interferes with the image that will turn people away from them.
Well good luck which ever way you choose to go and please leave a comment on how you feel about it.


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