Remember Madison…

November 21, 2009

When I did that favor for my hair stylist some time ago… I brought my Canon A2 film body with a roll of TMAX 100 with me. I’d figured that after helping my friend I could have a one on one shoot with Madison which I had no idea that she’d turned out to be a great model subject. While we where shooting the hair shots, I noticed she was nervous… that’s when I found out that this was her first shoot of any kind. For me that only meant that I would have to help her relax and so I asked her about her interest in life and she mentioned that she would love to be a model or even act in theatre or movies. Lucky for me because I had no idea… I asked her if that after helping Nancy (hairstylist) if she would like to do something different and maybe get a few cool shots and give her some first time experience in front of the camera. With a shy yet excited smile said “Oh yeah, that would be cool.”
We walked to the back of the shopping center of the salon and found a row of shopping carts against the brick wall and I asked her to sit on top of them… with her hair style against the wall, it gave it a real retro look. From there I asked her for an attitude look, a feeling of despair as you’ve been waiting for your ride, as if you’ve been waiting for hours and feel helpless. But you have to maintain your image of a tough chick ‘one not to reckon with’… she said “…ok, no problem…”


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