Work & Play

December 1, 2009

Today I had a photo gig with Pro MMA fighter Frank Millsap, who trains out of knuckle Up Gym in Alpharetta, Ga. He is preparing as he will be fighting this Friday night…

Very simple shoot, with a very cool environment. It was a quiet rainy day, giving me a soft to nothing lighting through the window. Great moody possibly contra-sty feel. Well to bring this moody feel, I dropped the exposure and used a fill light with a Canon 580EX flash and made sure to pop the flash on Frank’s upper body and let the light fall for a warm natural tone. My settings were; ‘manuel’ first, to have complete control of exposure… then set f/4 shutter at 1/25 and ISO 400. Of course I just didn’t come up with those settings right away…, I mean that would be so cool if I could… no…
How it was done:
I exposed for the background first then I drop the exposure so that it doesn’t dominate my subject. I want Frank to pop right?.. Next, expose for Frank… I should have it right within a few test shots…, I control the power of flash by giving more or less power… keep the background exposure in the camera settings don’t change a thing. Once I like my Histogram and exposure, I use a remote to trigger the shutter and keep the camera on a tripod. This will prevent from any shakes and softness on the eyes. Sharpness is Important. By shooting at a slower shutter it allows me to work with available light to bring some of the environment to life… well remember how I under exposed for the back ground, light will fill in a little for highlights. As Frank is looking good with a nice natural head flash pop to the upper body, the ceiling lights fall into place giving shadows their proper place and a warm glow to Frank and his left arm for a nice pop with separation from the background too . The editing part really demonstrates what type of mood you are trying to show. This is where you start to create your own style… which I will let you be… until the next environmental portrait and tips.


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