Amazon Rain Forest Cut: MSNBC

December 9, 2009

The worse thing man can do has been done and it will not stop until it’s all gone and dead! As our planet gets more crowded and the immense population doubles in size, its lands’ has no defense towards our ever demand for growth…

This area was recently cleared to use for cattle ranching. “In the dry season, the forest is set on fire, leaving a graveyard of burned trees,” says photographer Kadir Van Lohuizen. “These forest fires are also a serious contributor to global warming. After the burning, bulldozers clear the area. Wood that remains is often used to produce charcoal in ovens, which are scattered in the states of Para and Mato Grosso. The charcoal is used in blast furnaces in and outside Brazil. After the land has been cleared, planes drop grass seeds to create the pastures.”
Our once beloved rain-forest, known to be the largest in the world, is rapidly shrinking with more plans for deforestation… how will we ever survive all these changes to our planet.

The charcoal operation in Rondon do Para had 47 ovens when photographed and plans were to increase that to 200 in the near future. The charcoal is used at a steel smelter in Maraba, Brazil. These ovens, and the once-forested land they are on, are owned by a cattle rancher. That’s a typical scenario here, and often one whose legality is clouded.


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