India’s Coal Pollute Lives: MSNBC

December 9, 2009

It saddens me to see such things going on in our planet… Ahead of the global climate talks in December 2009, nine photographers from the photo agency NOOR photographed climate stories from around the world. Their goal: to document some of the causes and consequences, from deforestation to changing sea levels, as well as the people whose lives and jobs are part of the carbon culture.

Villagers steal coal from a loading area in Jharia. Some 80,000 families are supposed to be resettled in an area 15 miles away, but most are reluctant, citing the lack of jobs in the new location.

Our carbon culture includes a reliance on coal that can be dangerous but also rewarding. Jharia, India, is a testament to both. The area supplies the country with most of its coal but also has dozens of underground fires burning in mines and coal seams. In this photo, smoke from one underground fire wafts from a hillside in the background.
These photographs and more where taken by Philip Blenkinsop.


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