Philip Blenkinsop: A Citizen of the Planet

December 9, 2009

Currently with the NOOR photo-collective, Philip Blenkinsop started his professional career at the age of 21 working for The Australian, a national broadsheet in Sydney. Realizing that being a newspaper photographer was not for him, and finding that the work shallow and repetitive, he bought a Leica with a few lenses and a one-way airline ticket to Bangkok.

Interviewed by Jim Lefeuvre with:

As I start the interview, wanting to ask Philip about how he came to photography, he just does not let me finish my sentence and declares: “let’s skip the part about me, there are much more important things to talk about.”
“What do you want to talk about?” I reply. “About the future, and more precisely the water.”
Philip is definitely worried about the future of the planet, observing the environment problems and global warming. China’s economy and industry are developing intensively and so is the pollution resulted. This is why he wanted to go to this country and show the deplorable way of living.
He admits that he still wants to work on wars and political conflicts but he is very aware that “we have to wake up and take responsabilities” for our children.

To ready more click on the picture for the rest of the interview.


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