Exposure Through Out The Sport

January 21, 2010

Recently I’ve been working with Sponsored Fan Atlanta. I’ve shot a handful of fighters for their profile images and its been great exposure for my work. I’ve recently created a fight video for Tex Johnson and now people are not only viewing it on FaceBook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, WordPress, but also on Sponsored Fan website. A portrait of Byron Bloodworth profile was posted on the NextMMAFighter.com website. This can only push me to the next level and continue to create more videos for the fans!

These two fighters will be part of the main & co-main event for the Battle of Rome VIII in Rome, Ga this weekend… January 24th at the Forum.

Come see undefeated Byron Bloodworth (Hard Knox & Team Roberto Traven) Vs also undefeated from X3Sports John Quiroz.
What a night to see!!!!!



  1. This is all great! glad to see you’re back at blogging.

    • most appreciated… thanks for the visit. Im glad to be back. Much to catch up.

  2. Awesome article!

    • Thank you for the comment… What an awesome gig!! I could very much enjoy working what you guys do.

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