Day Before Departure

February 21, 2010

What a crazy moment that the day before Shiloh and I were to depart to Las Vegas we got 3-6 inches of snow!! Not only were we worried that the flights would be canceled but also disappointed that the day it snows is the same weekend we were leaving and not really enjoy the snowy weekend. But we got lucky and thanked that we live in Georgia and not D.C. (boy did they get some snow). Sure enough the snow had stopped and it warmed up the next day for the roads to clear and the planes to fly! We got lucky twice! For me I grabbed the camera put on my boots and coat and had a friend dropped me off around the area. I walked back home and got some shots in the process.
in the mist of it
Knowing that the snow wouldn’t last very long once the sun came up, I got up early for a sunrise walk and drive. The roads were a bit slippery but not bad enough to stop me from exploring the area for some morning snow shots.
sun rise next day
I really wanted this shot to be a “during” and after shot. I just can’t sleep-in knowing that there’s shots to be taken before its to late and melt away. The next day was very peaceful and quiet. Yes there was people out trying to drive out in the icy roads but It was still nice to be out early without cars roaring by. I can only imagine to be out in the wild with only the sounds of nature waking up.
down & out
After a walk, I got in the car and drove around for a few more shots. I went to a park not far from the house and on the way I saw that the street sign of Old Norcross Rd and Simpson Circle was knocked over. Wow I bet that did some damage.


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