A Year Ago: One Foggy Night

February 24, 2010

quiet foggy night
Though I shot this just a year ago, the lights that are so bright are no longer on and haven’t been for some time now. I guess even the city had to cut back on extra cost such as highway lights. After all, they do burn a lot of energy to keep them on every night.
On that late foggy evening I was driving home from my brother’s around ten or so when I noticed the whole town cover with this thick fog. I though to my self, how great of a shot if I was to come back out later after traffic had died down and get some night architectural shots of the bridges and this particular stretch of road with the lights glowing thru the fog. Well around 1 a.m. I grabbed my camera and tripod and had my girl drive me and drop me off. It turned out that I got more than good shots, I had two different Gwinnett officers stop to see what I was doing, naturally I had my I.D. ready. I knew that it was a matter of time before I would bring attention to myself and that this is not typically normal activity specially around bridges at 2 a.m. I showed them my I.D. and the pics and told them my intentions… they were a bit wary still and waited by the side of the highway until I was done and got in my car. What an exciting night! Two days later I had a visit from the GBI at my house, following up the two officers that stopped me for more detail info about my intentions that evening. WOW talk about persistent. Though I was doing nothing wrong and just being artistic, I am glad to know that our good police and GBI officers are on alert for suspicious activities, even little ‘ol me and my camera!



  1. awsome shot

  2. That is awesome!!!

  3. Thanks Brittany and Coop. Definitely my favorite of the series… Don’t know why I didn’t put this in my portfolio… oh yea had only 5 to choose from and I simply didn’t have the room. How’s your portfolio class going?

  4. dude thats crazyness! ha well, I have always loved this shot-so much detail. it’s beautiful!

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