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A Wonderful Artisan Smile

March 11, 2010

sketch artist
Great story about this friendly artist. While Jim and I where shooting at a Plaza (square), this local artist began to sketch an image if Jim. While he was sketching, I began to shoot his profile. After he finished with Jim’s picture he began to sketch my picture, which by the way are great and awesome. After he finished I asked him for a direct shot of his friendly and joyous face. He lifted his cap without me asking and I shot away.
sketch artist
I handed him two thousand pesos, ( couple of U.S. dollars) for his kindness and great artisan spirit. Great man and wonderful smile. Jim and I got more than a couple of sketches as souvenirs we got a wonderful artisan smile to last a life time.


Hello From Bogota, Colombia

March 11, 2010

Hey everyone, it’s been great so far. Everyday has been fun & full of adventures.
getting closer
This shot of Jim and myself was taken over 12,000 feet of elevation!!
Jim overlooking
me overlooking
The City is already over 8,600 ft. so another 2,000 ft made our ears pop and hard to breathe as the air got thinner.
Bogota from higher grounds
But the view was magnificent and one not to miss.


Trip of A Life Time

March 7, 2010

What an amazing opportunity has come across my path!! I was invited to a trip of a life time when Jim, fellow photo student at Gwinnett Tech, had struck the chance to travel abroad with his family. He contacted me just two weeks ago and asked me, “would you like to travel to Bogota?” I asked him as to make sure we where on the same page… “Bogota, Colombia??” surprised by such a random request I just had to know more detail.

After a few days of thoroughly planing over the details of the trip, Jim locked in on two flights to Bogota. We are scheduled to depart Monday, March 8th and have the exciting time of staying for two weeks. During our stay we plan to capture the richness of the Colombian culture and while experiencing a life style like no other. Luckily Jim speaks good spanish and I’m fluent, so combined we shouldn’t have to much trouble adapting. There’s going to be a lot of ‘telenovelas’ on t.v. for practice which means ‘soap operas’ its going to be insane if you really ask me. We are literally jumping right into it… what an adventure!!!

This is Bogota city, it sites on a high plateau in the Andes Mountains reaching and an elevation of 8661ft above sea level. Well before traveling to such an extraordinary city I read up a few things on a wordpress contact and if you like to read more, read… A Look At Colombia
I will have access to wifi during my stay so stay tune for images as I will keep log with everyone back home. I will be taking my digital and two lenses along with my original baby that goes with me to long trips, Canon AE-1 film camera and two lenses as well. I was able to insure my digital equipment to elevate some worries especially if something does arise. I will stay alert and on my toes for everyone I promise.