A Wonderful Artisan Smile

March 11, 2010

sketch artist
Great story about this friendly artist. While Jim and I where shooting at a Plaza (square), this local artist began to sketch an image if Jim. While he was sketching, I began to shoot his profile. After he finished with Jim’s picture he began to sketch my picture, which by the way are great and awesome. After he finished I asked him for a direct shot of his friendly and joyous face. He lifted his cap without me asking and I shot away.
sketch artist
I handed him two thousand pesos, ( couple of U.S. dollars) for his kindness and great artisan spirit. Great man and wonderful smile. Jim and I got more than a couple of sketches as souvenirs we got a wonderful artisan smile to last a life time.


One comment

  1. Me encantaron las fotos. Dime mas de lo que has hecho. ?Te has tomado una colombiana en mi nombre cada dia, junto con una arepa?

    Te quiero mucho y me siento muy orgullosa de ti y agradecida de Dios por tenerte. Besos,


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