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Got the Blues Again… 2010!

November 5, 2010

So just before the weekend rush at Dubbins Air Force Base for the Great Georgia Air Show 2010, my dad and I parked at the Lincoln car dealer ship across from the base to see the amazing Blue Angels perform a private show for military and aerial performers! Amazingly we got a chance to really experience them up close and personal as they flew just a few hundred feet above us!! It was truly a great spot to capture them with such clarity and consistency!

The Blue Angels are know across the world to have the tightest formation in aerial performance! They are so precise with their aerial maneuvers that they get as close as 18 inches from each other! WOW truly remarkable. The wildest and craziest bit is that each pilot is watching each other rather than whats in front of them. Imagine yourself driving you sport car traveling at over 300+MPH and just watching the driver next to you as you are only inches apart maneuvering around turns. Its just simply crazy to imagine… thats why I take photos of these wild cats rather than imagining that madness.

The Blue Angels are scheduled to fly 68 air shows at 35 air show sites in the United States during the 2010 season, as the team celebrates their 23rd year of flying the F/A-18 Hornet. That would be amazing to follow their tour all over. They just performed in Hawaii… I could only imagine the pictures over the cool crystal water and Hawaiian mountains!