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X3 Sports Youth/Teen Program

August 6, 2010

During the time I was battling with the corrupted files from the main video, I was asked to create a promo video for their youth boxing Marietta, Ga and teen training program in Atlanta, Ga. I had just a few days to complete it. This created a new challenge since I was having issues with my current video editing program. I had to make sure to edit it quickly and exported before any more problems occurred. Well I was able to finish it with plenty of time and my client X3 Sports loved it!


Its Over & Done!

August 4, 2010

So I know its been a few months from my last blog and I do apologize for my absence. I have been editing the heck out of some picks from my latest venture plus an on going and I mean “an ongoing” project for my client X3 Sports (mixed martial arts gym). A promotional video for their team training program (along with other short promo videos). A production that I have been working on for months. Its been an up hill battle with series of issues from files crashing, program failing, software corruption hiccups… multiple trips to the Apple Store for assistance regarding my Final Cut Express program corrupting. Finally I was told that the only way to recover any of my files and my 98% complete project was to purchase the Final Cut Pro software. Apparently, this was the only program to recognize the encrypted files from the Express edition. I was not one bit impressed about the news… (yes, I was happy that not all my hard efforts was going to be lost)… the fact that this program retails over $1000 made me even more frustrated. With no other choice other than to start all over (which I was really not looking forward too) I asked my client to go ahead and pay the remaining balance of the project so then I could purchase the program and finish it. The story goes even further with more crazy drama but to put in a nut shell… I had to re-shoot some missing footage to fill in the blanks. Wheeww, I just finished it a few days ago! The best part now is to see it all complete. I learn a few things along the way and I am getting more familiar with the new Final Cut Pro. I’ve recently purchased an Advanced Edition paperback to get even sharper and faster with my work. This only means more production projects to come. This is by far the longest video, its over seven minutes long. I am extreme happy to be done so I can move forward with other projects.

I really enjoyed producing this video and I am already working on new projects for individual fighters. For the obvious, the music selection has to be fast paced so that one can get pumped up and motivated (especially me). ¬†The video and pics also have to show that rush feeling too. This means quick cuts, tons of material (for best diversity), ¬†organization, and an idea of how its all going to flow. Thats the toughest part, filling in the gaps… oh boy I gotta say thats harder than it sounds. Thats why after I get back from the gym, (while it still fresh in my mind) I begin organizing the files and watch the material and decide what stays and what goes. Usually I only use a few seconds of recording for the quick cuts and for those extra long recordings, I cut them or chop it up to give it different effects, like slow motion or sped up. Once thats done then, I view it with music and see if it needs any other changes. Thats pretty much to it. I mean there’s other things that you can do. If you have any inquires about the program or the video please leave me a comment and I’ll respond promptly. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it especially if you are a fan of this extreme sport!